Follow the instructions below to install the SDK

Set environment variables

Manual setting: add dface_sdk/lib and dface_sdk/3rdparty/bins to the path environment variable

Automatic setting: Double-click directly to run setup.bat to complete automatic registration of environment variables

Click VC_redist.x64.exe to install the dependency of vs_2019_runtime (required for old devices)

Device activation

Double-click the LicenseManager.exe activation tool in the tools directory and follow the prompts to activate online.

Software dependency

software Explanation test version
Windows Windows operating system >= windows 7
Visual Studio c++/c# IDE >= vs2015

SDK directory

directory Explanation Necessary for migrates
/lib DFACE dll library directory yes
3rdparty/bins Third-party dynamic dependency library directory yes
/model/normal_binary DFACE model directory yes
/tools Tool directory, including module testing no
/include Header file directory no
/example Demo source code directory no
/doc SDK/API documentation no
/images Picture Test Directory no

Demo source code compile and run

We provide c# version and QT version of the demo source code, directly open the project project under example/dotNet and example/cpp with Visual studio(QT Creator) to compile and run.


  • None